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The Windsor Hotel Toya Resort & Spa in Hokkaido

The windsor Hotel Toya Resort & Spa is one of the most ideal hotel in Hokkaido.

This hotel is very famous all over the world because G8 summit was held in 2008 and includes Michelin-3 starred restaurant Michel Bras.

The Windsor hotel is located on the hill near Lake Toya. 

It takes 15 min. from main part of Toya hot spring town to the hotel. 

There are nothing except the Windor hotel but view from hotel is breathtaking!

This is the entrance of the hotel and I was tensed because I came here many times to meet with my guests but this is first time for me to stay at this hotel!

At the lobby you can see a great view of Lake Toya but there were nothing due to deep fog. 

However it was still nice, gorgeous, comfortable. 

There was welcome drink and BGM service when we checked in. 

Professional flute player played good BGM for us. 

Before going to our rooms we relax, refresh our mouth with welcome drinks and enjoy music played by professional flute player. 

Everything was beautiful and fully decorated with flowers, vases, chandeliers and so on.

This is my room. 

It was clean, gorgeous and comfortable. 

From the window we can look down a great view of Lake Toya.

This is very nice service for Japanese people. 

This is Yukata, easy Kimono and yon can relax wearing Yukata in your room. 

Yukata is only allowed to use inside your room. 

After relaxing in my room I started strolling around the Windsor hotel. 

This is lobby bar and reception desk. 

There is a shopping arcade and I found beautiful sweets there!

There are some Windsor hotel original brands. 

Why don't you get some? 

I found bamboo whisk to make Matcha ( powdered green tea ) . 

I feel Japanese evey at Windsor hotel.


I found Michel Bras shop at the hotel.

Michel Bras is a French chef. 

His cooking style is described as "creative" is often associated to fresh herbs and edible flowers. 

His restaurant is now world famous and one of the branch restaurant is located in Windsor hotel.

There is a nice bakery shop.

There is a foot pass and you can enjoy easy walking and great view of lake Toya!

During winter you can enjoy ski at Windsor Hotel. 

There are two sides to enjoy ski, sea side and lake side. 

What happened? 

The atmosphere suddenly changed from western into Japanese. 

I just kept walking on the long way. 

I see. 

I found Japanese style public bath facility. 

Blue is for men and red is for women. 

Public bath for men and women are replaced day by day. 

I f you enjoy both of them you have to try the bath for the day you checked in and next morning!

Public bath open until 23:00. 

I enjoy morning bath because I wanted to try open-air bath!

Last night there was no outside bath for men.

Japanese people like to enjoy Sauna.

After enjoying Sauna drinking Japanese beer is fantastic!

There are also park golf courses at Windsor hotel. 

Moreover, there are other many varieties of activity so you never feel bored when staying at the Hotel. 

There is also nice Japanese restaurant there. 

I am sure you can feel nice Japanese atmosphere inside the restaurant.

I enjoyed my dinner. 

Every ingredient was fresh and delicious. 

I enjoyed one of my best Japanese breakfast at Windsor hotel. 


・Seasonal vegetables, greens and apple mix juce.

・Fresh seasonal vegetable salad with Yuzu( Japanese citrus ) and white Miso sauce

・Pickled plum ( Kishu-Nanko-bai ) marinated with Japanese honey

・Dried young sardines and wasabi-zuke ( wasabi but up and mixed with Sake lees ) 

・Kuro-mame Natto, fermented black beans 

・Branded raw egg from Tochigi prefecture 

・Japanese rolled omelet and pickles 

・Today's grilled fish ( Atka mackerel ) 

・Shitake mushroom and minced chicken dumprings

・Home-made Tofu made by soybeans harvested in Hokkaido accompanied with Yama-wasabi ( Japanese hose radish ) , salt    

   produced in Toya district and olive oil

・Windsor original kettle-cooked blended boiled rice

 ( Nanatsu-boshi, Yume-pirika and Koshi-hikari ) 

・Miso soup with rice malt based on rich fish broth

・Roasted green tea ( from Gosho-no-en in Kyoto ) 

I was moved by the level of service and quality of dishes there. 

I do recommend to stay at Windsor Hotel in Hokkaido. 

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