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知床第一ホテル(Shiretoko Daiichi hotel)

I visited Shiretoko national park at the beginning of this year.

Shiretoko national park is located at Shiretoko peninsula and designated as world national intangible heritage site.

SHiretoko is beautiful and attracts tourists all season from all over the world.

Please look at beautiful view of Shiretoko mountain range.

This is Oshinkoshin-no-taki, Oshinkoshin water fall.

Oshinkoshin literally means colonies of ezo spruces near downstream.

Oshinkoshin waterfall is designated as one of Japan's best 100 waterfalls.

I stayed at Shireotoko Daiichi hotel and their service, hot springs, rooms are great. 

At first, I will show you photo of my room as follows. 

My room was beautiful and fusion of traditional Japanese style room and modern western style room. 

Basically, Japanese people place Futon( pair of thick bedquilt and mattress stuffed with cotton wool ) on tatami mats ( 
(straw mats ) as bedding  , however, in this case beds are placed on tatami! 

This is unique and easy for foreign tourists who are not used to use Futon. 

The hotel offer three different types of rooms, traditional Japanese style, western style and fusion style.

This is Dai-yokujo ( public bath space and picture above is dressing room. 

There were free lockers so you can put your valuable things inside and do not need to bring to the bath. 

Free water and Japanese roasted green tea dispensers are set in the dressing room. 

You can use them as you like. 

Hot springs here( Utoro ) contains large amount of sodium and chloride being known as the skin moist "hot water of beauty " and gently heal your body and mind.

It is difficult to lower body temperature

Overlooking the Sea of Okhotsk from open -air hot spring should be peasant moments for you.

There is a souvenir shop in the hotel and you can get traditional Hokkaido souvenirs such as wooden craft of Ainu people. 

Ainu is Hokkaido's indigenous people and we respect their cultures. 

Bank boxes looking  like Kaisendon ( fresh seafood rice bowls)  are unique but common souvenirs in Hokkaido.

I enjoyed staying Shiretoko Daiichi Hotel so much. 

This hotel is located on the hill of Utoro town. 

If you down the hill there are some convenience stores, restaurants. 

It takes 10 min. on foot. 

Shiretoko Daiichi hotel