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厚岸牡蠣祭り(Akkesshi oyster festival)

Akkeshi oyster festival is the local festival held in Akkeshi town located eastern part of Hokkaido.

Many people around Akkeshi gather the town and enjoy fresh oyster grill and other seafood grills. 

Even people living far from Akkeshi come to this festival and enjoy delicious special oysters in Akkeshi. 

Festival is held twice in a year. 

One is held in May, cherry blossom viewing season. 

You can enjoy cherry blossom viewing and enjoy fresh oysters under the trees. There are clam Miso soup, oyster bento ( oysters cooked with rice ) as well. 

You can rent oven from shop ( for fee ) and buy fresh oysters and other sea food grill fresh sea food by yourselves.  

It is so much fun!

This is just amazing. 

Palm-sized large oysters are only 200 JPY ( less than 2 USD ) 

If you order fresh oyster grill at Izakaya ( Japanese tavern ) in Sapporo it will cost more than 5 USD! 

Other one is held at the beginning of October and it last 10 days. 

In Autumn, not only oysters but also Sanma ( mackerel pikes ) and scallops are in season!

You can not stop eating!

Oysters in Akkeshi is nationwide famous and well known as its high quality. 

Why don't you add Akkeshi oyster festival in your itinerary when you come to Hokkaido. 

If you do so you never regret.