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糠平館観光ホテル( Nukabira-kan Kanko hotel ) 

Nikabira-Kanko hotel is located at central Hokkaido and also lake side of Lake nukabira. Lake nukabira hot spring resort used to be small hot spring resort for only locals and hidden place for traveler but now the resort became famous and people started visiting Nukabira hot spring resort. 

Even this resort became well known but there are few people coming to the resort compared with Hokkaido's famous hot spring resorts such as Noboribetsu, Toya, Yunokawa, Jozankei, Akan, Shiretoko. 

I stayed at Nukabira Kanko hotel and this hotel has an old history and offers nice hot springs. 

I will report about this hotel. 

I can say everything is old but still working. 

You can enjoy atmosphere of traditional Japanese hot spring resort. 

Nukabira is located at central Hokkaido and it is just rural area.

However, hotel serves rustic but very good dinner. 

I could fully enjoy their service. 

This is my room. 

Then I went to public hot springs. 

I found washing machines at hot spring area. 

If you pay just small money such as 100 JPY you can use machines. 

This means it worth 2 or 3 days stay at Nukabira hot spring resort. 

The resort has nice hot springs, and some nature activities around Nukabira lake. 

As you know we rinse ourselves before go into hot springs. 

Basically, hot spring resort offer free shampoo, soaps. 

Hot springs are just nice. 

They keep atmosphere of nice traditional, old-fashioned but cool hot springs. 

This hotel has a special open-air hot spring. 

The name is Sen-go-no-yu. 

This is open for female and male together. 

Wow.  I was surprised because it is few to join female and male together at the same bath without any clothes. 

Then, I understand the hotel arrow us to wear swimming uniform only for this hot spring. the 

We are not used to wear swimming wear at hot spring resort so most of all Japanese travelers don't prepare for their swimming wears.

So the hotel gives priority for ladies to try this hot spring from 19:00 to 22:00 without any male. 

That's why I tried this hot spring at midnight. 

You go down by using steps made by woods and you get to the just small house. 

Then, you can see curtains. 

What are these? 

I understand. 

However, please relax and calm down. 

Red and lady picture is for female and Black and Kabuki picture for men. 

After going into curtains I found only just baskets. 

There are for our clothes. 

I took off my clothes and drove into the hot spring because I felt no one bathe at the hot spring. 

I was correct. 

I could fully enjoy silence of forest, smells of nature, and the hot spring without anyone. 

Nukabira hot spring resort is bit difficult to access but it worth a try. 

I am sure you can feel and enjoy original Hokkaido hot spring resort. 

If you would like to go please refer to the following URL below. 

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