Japan Hokkaido private tour
Licensed Tour Guide take you to the last frontier of Japan!!

Name:                            Yuichi Kudo

Date of birth:                23rd, Aug. 1983

Brood type :                  A 

Place of residence:    Hokkaido,  Ebetsu city 

Hobby :                               travel,   cooking,   drinking wine,   jogging 

Area of expertise

Hokkaido ( especially,  Sapporo city ( including suburbs ) and east area ( around Kushiro city ) , Tokyo and any areas in Japan.

# I can arrange whole of your tour in Hokkaido. 
#I had been working at travel agency and I am good at planning tours in Japan. 
   I am well experienced in Hokkaido and Tokyo area and also I can work as a tour planner and tour escort on other  
   destinations in Japan.  In this case ,my price is going to be lower than guiding fee. 

Work experience

2006~2013  Worked at  travel company specializing overseas travel and sold package tour to foreign countries and went more                                than 60 counties as a tour guide.

2013~2016   resigned travel agency and started new career as a English teacher at high school.

2016~          Working as a English speaking guide in Japan. 


Showing non Japanese around Japan is what I have always wanted to do, thus I appreciate my clients and do my best to serve them. I love to make plans from my working experience. 

When I was working as a tour leader, I had many chances to visit foreign countries.  Then I was treated with kind consideration in foreign countries.  I would like to help foreign people enjoy their stay in Japan in turn.  I'd like to contribute to the mutual understanding and friendship between Japan and foreign countries. 

You are always welcome !   I'm looking forward to seeing you soon !

Countries I visited 


South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Malaysia


 (Beijing(北京), Shanghai(上海), Nanjing(南京), Hangzhou(杭州), Chengdu(成都), Jiuzahaigou(九寨溝),Huanglong(黄龍) Chongqing(重慶), Dazu(大足), Xian(西安), Dunhuang(敦煌), Lanzhou(蘭州), Urumqi(烏魯木斉), Kashgar(喀什), Yangshuo(陽朔), Guilin(桂林), Guiyang(貴陽), Qingdao(青島), Dailian(大連), Lushun(旅順), Wulingyuan District (武陵源), Rongbrag(丹巴), Libo(茘波), Lhasa(拉薩), Xining(西寧), Jingzhou(荊州), Baidicheng(白帝城), Red cliff(赤壁), The three gorges(三峡), Wuhan(武漢), Jiayuguan(嘉峪関), Youshuu(揚州), Jingdezhen(景徳鎮), Shaoxing(紹興), Wuxi(無錫),Suzhou(蘇州), Lushan(廬山), Tianjin(天津) etc...

North America 


(New York,  California,  Wyoming,  Nevada,   Utah,  Alaska,  Colorado,  Arizona, Montana )

South America



New zealand 
U.K ( expept Ireland), Italy( including Sicily),Vatican City, Spain( including Canary islands),France, Portugal, Switzerland, Greek, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Russia(including Vladivostok), Finland( including lappland), Malta, Baltic States(Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania),Iceland, Greenland, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary,Denmark( only Copenhagen airport )
Central Asia & the Middle and Near East
Syria, Jordan, Turkey, U.A.E ( United Arab Emirates) , Oman, Bahrain, Uzbekistan
Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco