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レストラン・アスペルジュ (Restaurant ASPERGE)

This restaurant is located at Biei town and owned by JA 美瑛 BIEI (Japan Agricultural Cooperatives ) .

This restaurant was selected as one Michelin starred restaurant in 2012.

I visited this nice restaurant with my precious guests.

At first, interiror design is so modern and We can feel the restaurant is surrounded full of nature. 

Our lunch started from starter, Pan con tomate, grated Daikon radish, fresh tomatoes on backed breads.

Breads are on various kinds of beans harvested in 美瑛 ( Biei ) .

Then, bread backed with fresh potatoes are served. 

I was so surprised when this salad was served. 

The plate of vegetables are just beautiful. 

Chef said he uses different 20 kinds of vegetables only harvested in Biei. 

This is Poteto puree.

paste of potatoes are covered with meringue. 

Milk and butter are used as ingredients so taste is so creamy.


Today's main course is Japon ham with marinated Chinese cabbage. 
This is better for the lunch. 

This is strawberry and egg plant compote. 

I was surprised that Chef used egg plants as a desserts.

This was so good.

Finally, cup of coffee and black beans coated with chocolates are served. 

This was new for me but just delicious.