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Local B class gourmet in Hokkaido

Hokkaido has varieties of Food, there are so many!
I will introduce you "Must" to eat.

Central Hokkaido

ぶたキング(Buta King )

I will introduce you one of the unique ramen restaurant in Sapporo.

There are so many schools offering their unique ramen noodles in Japan such as 醤油系 Shoyu-kei ( soy sauce flavored soup school, 味噌系 Miso-kei ( Miso flavored soup school), 豚骨系 Tonkotsu-kei (pork bone soup school) , 塩系 Shio-kei, ( salt flavor based soup school), 家系 Ie-kei ( pork bone and chicken bone mixed soup ) and 二郎系 Jiro-kei ( somewhat unique and new type of heavy fat ramen ) and so on.

二郎系 Jiro-kei is tonkotsu broth with shoyu added, but the broth is more like a thinner (but very rich) pork gravy and in most branches it has a large amount of suspended 脂 Abura ( fat ).

The noodles are typically very thick and chewy and the pork is a very rough cut, usually from the tenderloin and occasionally will be mostly fat. 

Piles of vegetables, usually cabbage or moyashi (bean sprouts) are put on the ramen as toppings. 

You can add large amount of chopped garlic if you want.

ラーメン二郎 ( Ramen Jiro ) is the origin of Jiro ramen school. 

Ramen Jiro is certainly not for those who are health conscious, and those of weaker constitutions can feel a bit queasy after eating there for the first time, especially if they force themselves to finish the whole bowls. 

The overall taste is not like any other ramen available in Japan.

It sounds crazy, I know. 

I tried Ramen Jiro sometimes and it was O.K. 

However, it didn't fit my taste. 

But, I found crazy but tasty mountain of Jiro school ramen in Sapporo. 

It is Buta-King, school of Jiro-ramen restaurant. 

Buta-King is has two branches in Sapporo and Ebetsu city. 

I visited Buta-King in Ebetsu. 

They offer Miso flavored soup ramen. 

Jiro school is basically soy sauce flavored but this is Miso. 

I was surprised at first. 

Taste and its looks are fantastic! 

I took 1 hour to finish up the bowl because I recklessly ordered the biggest amount of Ramen. 

This is just crazy but worth trying because Jiro school in Sapporo is delicious. 

Another 二郎系 Jiro-kei ( Jiro school ) in Sapporo is 六郷舎 ( Rokugo-sha ). 

The main restaurant is located at eastern suburb of Sapporo but branch restaurant is located at center of the city. 

They also offer soy sauce, miso, salt, curry spicy chill based ramens. 

My favorite is Miso based soup ramen. 

You can add extra vegetables ( 増し Mashi ) for fee but if you need some more extra vegetables ( 増し増し Mashi Mashi ) you have to pay extra charges ( around 100 JPY ) 

やきそば屋(Yakisoba-ya )

Noodles at Yakisoba-ya is local B class gourmet in Sapporo.

You can choose the size of one portion from 1 servings to 12 servings.

Thisi is 4 servings and was too much for me.

Noodles have no tastes as the basis. 

You can season them by using a wide variety of sauces such as soy sauce, Japanese vinegar, Japanese ソース( thick sauce ) , 辣油( Chinese chill oil ) , mayonnaise, curry flavor sauce,ポン酢

( ponzu sauce, Japanese citrus flavored soy sauce. )

You can use shredded red-dyed gingers as toppings. 

ジンギスカン(成吉思汗)(Jingisukan ) 

ジンギスカン(Jingisukan)is soul food for people living in Hokkaido.

We grill mutton on a special iron plate, convex metal skillet. 

At first, we put fresh vegetables on the plate then, we put meat on vegetables. 

Meats are steam-grilled and meat extracts come down to cooked vegetables. 

We eat them dipping in the special sauce or sometimes, meats are already marinated with special sauce. 

How about eating Jingisukan with nice Sapporo draft beer? 


Sapporo Miso Ramen (with corns and one piece of butter ) 

 Hokkaido is famous for varieties of Ramen noodles and Sapporo, capital city of Hokkaido is especially famous and origin for 

Miso Ramen. 

If you come to Sapporo Miso butter corn Ramen is "MUST". 

Miso butter corn Ramen is Miso ( fermented soy bean paste ) based Ramen with corns and one piece of butter.

As I already told you there are so many Ramen restaurants in Hokkaido and also in Sapporo and each restaurant has each own distinctive flavor. 

How do tourists choose their ramen restaurant? 

It is even bit hard for locals to select the restaurant. 

If you are lost to choose your ramen in Sapporo I recommend to go to Ramen republic ( connected to JR Sapporo station ) or Ramen alley in Susukino area. 

ラーメン共和国(Ramen republic )

Ramen republic is assembly of 8 ramen restaurants. 

Town scape is based on old Japanese shopping streets and restaurants are took turns every 6 months to 2 years as the longest. 


すすきのラーメン横丁(Susukino Ramen Yokochyo ( Susukino Ramen Alley ) )

At Susukino Ramen yokochyo, Ramen restaurats are lined up along the narrow street where you can choose and eat ramen noodles as you like. 


The photo below is the my favorite ramen served at Horyu(寶龍)restaurant. 

Horyu is one of the long-established ramen restaurant where shefs have kept their old recipes since 1957. 


スープカレー(Soup curry )

Sapporo is origin of Soup curry, curry soup with boiled rice in Hokkaido. 

Hokkaido is rich for  producing vegetables and meats so we put fresh vegetables on the soup as toppings and we make nice broth based on fresh meats. 

There are many soup curry restaurants in Sapporo. 

Here are some restaurants which I recommend you to try. 







焼きとうもろこし(Yaki-tomorokoshi ) Grilled sweet corns

When you walk around the Odori park located at city center of Sapporo you will find wagons selling grilled sugar corns. 

This is local specialty in Sapporo. 

If you buy and bite the corns on the cob you should feel you are in Hokkaido!

They are broiled with charcoal fire on the grill and finally applied soy sauce by brush.  

Taste is fantastic, just yum!

One portion of corns is around 300 JPY. 

Why don't you try? 

The history of Odori Park started in 1871 when it was developed as a large-scale firebreak to separate the downtown area to the administrative district in the north and the residential and commercial district in the south.

Nowadays, the boarder disappeared and many offices, restaurants, bars spread whole of the city center. 

Odori Park has been attractive for citizens and tourists. 

Eastern Hokkaido 

スパゲティー・ミートカツ Supagetti meat Katsu


This is Spaghetti meat Katsu, local B class gourmet in Kushiro city. 

People in Kushiro call the dish Supa-katsu, abbreviation of spaghetti meat Katsu.

This dish is like Spaghetti Bolognese with breaded pork cutlet on the piping hot iron plate. 

Moreover, sauce of Bolognese  is super special. 

It is not tomato sauce based but demi-glace sauce! 

Combination of pasta, sauce and pork cultlet is fantastic!

This contains high calories but people living in Kushiro need this to endure and overcome the harsh winter. 

Reputation of Supa-katsu spread all over Hokkaido, even to main island of Honshu. 

There are many restaurants offering Supa-Katsu. 

Origin of Supa-katsu is restraurant 泉屋(Izumi-ya ) located in the center of Kushiro.

Everyone in Kushiro think Supa-katsu at Izumi-ya is the best all over the world. 

There may be no objections. 

If you order large portion of spaghetti it is served on a big pipping heated frying pan...

I was surprised and felt scared in front of the powerful monster. 

I did my best and I managed to defeat it. 

Vongole bianco is also my favorite flavor. 

つぶ焼き Tsubu-yaki (Grilled whelks ) 

Tsubu-yaki, grilled whelks with special soy sauce based broth on wooden plates are local specialty in Kushiro city. 
Whelk is a common name that is applied to various kinds of sea snail. In Japan, whelks are frequently used in 刺身 ( sashimi ) and 寿司 ( sush ). 
Fresh Tsubu( whelk ) sashimi is very good but in Kushiro grilled one is especially awesome!
Whelks are well prepared and cleaned before cooked so they never be smelly and sticky. 
After cleaning soy sauce flavored broth are put in the whelk shells  and broiled with charcoal fire!
Tastes and smells are fantastic. 
Once you feel smells that shells are grilled you cannot stop entering つぶ (Tsubu ) restaurant in Kushiro. 
Sometimes, people living in Kushiro eat grilled whelks after drinking. 
The most long-established restaurant is かど屋( Kado-ya ) 
They serve only つぶ焼き ( grilled whelks ) ,soy sauce based ramen noodles, beers, Japanese Sake and orange juice. 

Grilled whelks are less than 1,000 JPY for 8 shells. 


Ramen noodle at Hi-fan restaurant is local B-class gourmet in Kushiro, eastern part of Hokkaido. 

There are many types of ramen noodles in Japan such as soy sauce based, miso based, salt based and pork bone based. 

Traditional Kushiro ramen noodle is soy sauce based rich fish both soup with thin wrinkled noodle. 

However ramen of Hi-Fan restaurant is different. 

This is 霧色ラーメン ( Kiri-Iro ramen ) literally, color of fog ramen. 

It is said that Kushiro city is known as city of fog. 

The city is covered with fog at least 50 % of a year.

This ramen express the fog town by its color of white pig bone soup. 

Actually, pork bone soup ramen is originally from Kyushu, southern island of Japan but you can enjoy even in Kushiro. 

Thick noodles and white rich pork bone soup collaboration are fantastic. 

Worthy of special mention is that braised prok bellies. 

They are put as toppings. 

They are sweet, tender and long simmered. 

They melt in your mouth. 

It worth trying. 

Please trust me I never tell a lie. 

Simmered pork belly at Hi-Fan is my best in Japan. 

I was born and raised in Kushiro, eastern part of Hokkaido and I visited frequently at this ramen restaurant. 

I am sure Hi-fan ramen is one of the best famous local B class gourmet in Kushiro city. 

Why don't you visit this restaurant if you have a chance to visit Kushiro? 

If you'd like to eat local ramen noodle in Hokkaido at your house refer to the following URL below. 


甲羅焼き Koura-yaki 

grilled crab meats and innards on the crab head shells

Finally, I will introduce typical Hokkaido style of enjoying crabs. 

甲羅焼き Kora-Yaki, grilled crab meats and innards on the crab head shells are fantastic. 

You can enjoy nice grilled crab flavor and richness of crab meats and innards combination. 

This way of eating has been handed down generation to generation by fishermen.

If you go to coastal city you may have a chance to try! 

かき揚げ天ぷら丼 Kakiage tempura don 

( Kakiage tempura rice bowl ) 

かき揚げ Kakiage tempura don is common traditional Japanese food in Japan. 

Kakiage tempura don is Kakiage, mixture of vegetable bits and shrimp fried in batter on the bowl of rice. 

Special sauce are normally dressed. 

You have many chances to try them all over Japan, however I am sure you've never seen such a big Kakiage tempura don below. 

There was a famous kakiage restaurant in 釧路 Kushiro city.

The restaurant name is はまだ ( Hamada ).

At Hamada, you can enjoy huge Kakiage ( it is larger than size of rice bowl ) . 

In Kushiro we use 小柱 Kobashira (  muscle of the clam ) as ingredients of Kakiage. 

Unfortunately, now Namada was closed. 

Even if the restaurant Hamada closed the recipe of Kushiro Kakiage is alive and will be handed down generation to generation.  

I hope I can see another unique Kakiage in Kushiro again.

Southern Hokkaido

イカの塩辛とじゃがいも  Ika-no shiokara to Jyagaimo 

( Salt pickled squids on baked potatoes) 

Sio-kara is a preserved food made from the fermentaiton and maturation of the internal organs of squide. 

This is dainty bits. 

Taste is better than it sounds and looks. 

Shio-kara on baked potatoes is the way of people living in Hokkaido. 

It is said this way of eating came form southern park of Hokkaido. 

Kakiage-tempura soba at Tori-Hana-Yuki ( 鳥花雪)

Tori-hana-yuki at Jozankei hot spirng resort is famous for its delicious soba, buckwheat noodles and large Kaki-age tempura. 

Soba chef is proud of Towari-soba, meaning 100% pure buckwheat powders to make noodles ( basically we mix flour to make Soba noodles so chief needs special skills to produce 100% pure Soba noodles. 

They serve only 50 portions during a day so you should go to the restaurant early.