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Kusharro Prince Hotel

Kussharo prince hotel is nice to stay and if you go eastern part of Hokkaido this hotel is very good location to stop and stay a night because this hotel is near Lake Mashu, Mt. Iou ( sulfur mountain ) and good transfer points between natural world heritage Shiretoko and Kushiro marsh land national park or Lake Akan national park ( This place is famous for Marimo, round shaped algae grown under the lake. ) 

When you arrive at the hotel Kusshi meet you immediately.  This statue is a beginning of the foot pass reaching to Lake Kussharo. 

This was my room. If you are lucky enough to be assigned to higher floor room you have a chance to see great view of the lake. 

I was at 2nd or 3rd floor ( I could not remember ) so it was so so. 

Look at me. I wear a suit.  I am a professional licensed itinerary control manager for Japanese group!

Dinner time has come! 

This hotel has huge space of restaurant area.  Dinner is basically buffet style and all you can eat fresh seafood, vegetables and meats all produced or harvested in Hokkaido! 

Grilled fish and vegetables. 

Hokke, Atka mackerel and Shishamo smelts are so nice.  you cannot stop eating. 

Please guess what this soup is. 

The answer is that this is white curry soup. 

Yes, it looks like clam chowder but you find this is actually curry soup after you taste. 

This is my favorite.  Steam boiled different kind of potatoes all harvested in Hokkaido. 

They are so sweet and you don't need any salt, soy sauce and dressing.  They are just sweet and delicious. 

Have you tried Kaisen-don? 

Kaisen-do is rice bowl with varieties of flesh Sashimi. 

At this restaurant you can make your original Kaisen-don with varieties of fresh Sashimi!

This is my plate.  I enjoyed a lot delicious food as my dinner. 

This is lobby floor.  You can sit and relax here. 

After enjoying delicious dinner I went to hot springs. 

Blue curtain is for men and red is for women. Please don't forget!

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Hot springs were just nice. I enjoyed natural hot springs and fresh air from Lake Kussaro from open-air hot spring. 

I walked to the Lake shore early in the morning next day. 

Lake Kussharo surrounded by tranquil nature was just fantastic. 

This is breakfast buffet. 

There are many different kinds of Japanese traditional breakfast food, western food and Chinese food as well. 

These are Japanese traditional garnishes. 

Stewed pacific saury.  You can eat even its bones. 

Special home-made Tofu

These are fresh vegetable Shabu-shabu. 

There is a boil soup prepared and you put fresh vegetable in it and do Shabu-shabu. 

This was my breakfast. 

I eat too much because food was so delicious. 

Kussharo prince hotel is the hotel that you want to come back after your first stay at the hotel. 

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