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星野リゾート Hoshino Resort TOMAMU ( tomamu The Tower ) 

Hoshino resort is one of the most desired destinations to stay in Hokkaido.

This resort is located at Tomamu, central Hokkaido and here is surrounded by mountains. 

The resort includes resort hotels with different concepts. 

Hokkaido has four seasons and you can enjoy different charms of each season at this resort. 

Hoshino resort has a lot of activities to fully enjoy every season so you can not be tired of your stay even you come back again to Hoshino resort. 

These twin towers are called 'The Tower' main accommodations of Hoshino resort. 

Their unique and colorful looks are difficult to forget. 

At the shop there are souvenirs based on these towers. 

Reception Desk

Staffs speak English very well and there were many people coming from other overseas. 

This is Cafe Lounge 'yukku yukku'  at The Tower. 

I stayed at The Tower this time and I explored my hotel, restaurant, cafe, shop and other facilities. At yukku yukku you can relax and enjoy drink while reading books. 

This was my room at The Tower. 

I was surprised because three beds room was provided to me even I was single. 

The most surprising thing in the room was that I could check booking conditions of restaurants in and our waiting time to enter restaurants. ( It should be managed and calculated the time clearly by head office. ) 

Basically, most of all facilities are connected by passages like this and from one to the other it takes around 10 min. 

I decided to use passages instead of free shuttle and I realized Hoshino resort has a huge area. 

I took about 2 hours to explore most of all facilities at Tomamu resort. 

This is The Village Alpha, condominium of the resort.  

Now I am far from The Tower. 

I am at inside courtyard at RISONARE tomamu where all rooms are suit rooms. 

I found nice souvenirs at the shop at RISONARE tomamu. 

Finally, I decided to use shuttle from RISONARE. 

The bus tells you bus stops in English before arriving so you don't need to be worry. 

It takes around 5 min to get to next stop. 

I took shuttle and visited MINA-MINA beach. 

This is artificial beach and also this facility includes public bath. 

I decided to come back here later to visit public bath at night. 

How brave was I ? 

I decided to go back to my hotel on foot from Mina-Mina beach. 

There was a foot path so it was nice walking but so far to my hotel. 

There is a foot path even inside forest!

On each spots there is signs to show the direction and how many distance you need to walk. 

Finally, I came back to my room and then I began strolling around restaurants without any rest. 

This is popular restaurant ' Hal " 

Imitations of crab are welcome you. 

The restaurant offers beautiful and delicious food with good-sense atmosphere. 

This is foresta mall, restaurants complex. 

You can choose from a lot of easy to go restaurants such as Izakaya, soup curry, ramen, sandwich, and American style grill and so on. 


I came back to Mina-Mina beach to enjoy public bath. 

This is not hot spring but I could enjoy open-air bath inside forests. 

If you visit Hoshino resort during summer to autumn season you cannot miss to see sea of clouds. 

I got up early in the morning, took shuttle and got to resort center to take rope way. 

By rope way I went up to Unkai terrace. 

Unkai means sea of clouds. 

I could see beautiful Unkai there. 

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Finally, I will introduce you chapel on the water. 

This place has solemn and mysterious atmosphere. 

This place is basically for the wedding ceremony so opening time is limited. 

You need to check in advance. 

I recommend you to visit early in the morning. 

Hoshino resort at Tomamu has a lot of things to see, eat and activities during whole season. 

Why don't you try? 

If you'd like to visit Tomamu I plan nice itinerary for you. 

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