Japan Hokkaido private tour
Licensed Tour Guide take you to the last frontier of Japan!!

Finding historical assets and food tour at Otaru

Tour Duration: 8 Hours

Maximum Number of People: 6

Tour Type: Transport Based

Tour Price: Price Per Group USD $240.00

Private sightseeing tour Introduction:

Otaru has a long history. It served as one of the main ports of Hokkaido. As a main port, Otaru city had been developed as a international city. During this tour, you can see Japanese and Western mixed historical buildings at Otaru.

You can also enjoy local special snacks including fresh seafood BBQ, fish paste cake, Hokkaido delicious sweets, rice crackers and so on at Sakaimachi district.

Besides, you will experience glass bead making as well( if you want ) .

Model itinerary is as follows.

9:00 Depart at your hotel

9:30 Take JR train and visit Otaru

10:00 Visit local sea market

10:30 Walking tour at Canal area and historical district.

11:30 Enjoy walking and shopping at Sakaimachi district

13:00 lunch at local restaurant

14:30 Enjoy making glass products by your own.

16:00 Visit Sake brewery and enjoy sake tasting.

17:00 Going back to Sapporo.

18:30 Arrive at your hotel

Tour Highlights:

・The herring palace

・strolling around canal area and seeing Otaru wall district ( with rickshaw )

・Strolling Sakaimachi street and enjoying some local specialties at Otaru

・Experiencing making your own glass bead

・Seeing more than 3,000 music boxes at music box museum at Sakaimachi street

Tour Inclusions:

・guide fee

Tour Exclusions:

・transportation fee(you and guide )

・herring palace fee ( 300yen per person)

・fee of rickshaw ( about 3,000yen per a reckshaw)

・lunch and snacks( about 3,000yen per person )

・glass making fee( 1,000yen per person ) or music box making fee (2,000yen per person)

# These activities are prepared upon your requests.

Sakai-machi district
Sushi food samples at Otaru
Financial area at Otaru
Kitaichi glass factory
Herring palace at Otaru
Fresh seafood BBQ at Otaru
King crab at Otaru local fish market
Kaisen-don at Otaru
Otaru canal area
Deep fried fish paste cake at Kamaei, Otaru
Shrimp flavored rice crackers at Otaru
Local sweets at Otaru
Double cheese at Rutao in Otaru