Japan Hokkaido private tour
Licensed Tour Guide take you to the last frontier of Japan!!

Enjoy Kushiro local specialties at night

Tour Duration:Hours

Maximum Number of People: 6

Tour Type: Walking Only

Tour Price: Price Per Group USD $55.00

Private sightseeing tour Introduction:

This tour starts from seeing one of the best sunset in the world from Nusamai bridge. After enjoying view, we go down to the Suehiro district where locals and fishermen enjoy their meal and drinking.

I will guide you to one of local "Lobata" style restaurant and introduce you some traditional Kushiro cuisine.

Lobata restaurant is very old port town style restaurant originally from Kushiro city where fish, meat and vegetables are grilled over a sunken hearth by shopkeeper.

You can enjoy moody and vigorous atmosphere and delicious local specialties inside Lobata restaurant.

After dinner at Lobata restaurant, we keep exploring the Suehiro district and I will take you to the oldest food stall village called " Aka-chouchin Yoko-chou " where you are squeezed inside shabby, old but moody food stands and can enjoy delicious local food and chatting with locals next to you.

Tour Highlights:

1.Enjoying sunset on Nusamai bridge

2,Walking around down town of Kushiro

3.Enjoying delicious local specialties at Lobata-style restaurant

4.Talking with locals at stalls in Aka Chouchin Yoko-Chou

Tour Inclusions:

・Guide fee


Tour Exclusions:

・Transportation fee ( your guide )

・Dinner( you and your guide )

・Drinks ( you and your guide )

#Your guide go to Kushiro by using public transportation so you are requested to pay extra fee for your guide's transportation ( around 10,000 JPY for return TKT )

# I recommend you to book this tour with my other eastern Hokkaido tour.

Izakaya at Kushiro
Izakaya at Kushiro
Izakaya at Kushiro
Izakaya at Kushiro
Tsubu-yaki, whelk grills in Kushiro
Local izakaya at Kushiro
Yakitori with sea urchin at Izakaya