Japan Hokkaido private tour
Licensed Tour Guide take you to the last frontier of Japan!!

Eastern crater lake tour with Marimo watching

Tour Duration: 3 Days

Maximum Number of People: 6

Tour Type: Transport Based

Tour Price: Price Per Group USD $840.00

Private sightseeing tour Introduction:

At Akan national park you can see a lot of beauty and mystery of wild nature. During this tour you visit Lake Akan where you enjoy sight seeing boat and see mysterious Marimo ( Ball shaped algae grown under the lake ) and visit Ainu village. We also go to Kshiro marshland national park and Lake Kussaro where hot spring water come out if you dig sandy beach at the shore. Model itinerary is as follows.

Day 1

Depart at Sapporo

Arrive at Lake Akan, enjoy sightseeing boat

At night enjoy Ainu( indigenous people in Hokkaido ) traditional songs and dances at Ainu theater

Day 2

Go to Kushiro and visit Kushiro marsh land and Japanese red crowned crane sanctuary

Go to Lake Kussharo and Lake Mashu

Go to Kitami

Day 3

Go to Asahikawa

Visit Sake brewery and Asahiyama zoo

Go to Sapporo

Tour Highlights:

1.Visit Japanese crane sanctuary in Akan

2.Try a sightseeing boat at Lake Akan and visit Marimo algae observation center

3.Enjoy shopping and Ainu dance show at Ainu Kotan ( Ainu village )

4.Enjoy one night stay at Akan lake hot spring resort hotel

5.Enjoy morning short walking tour around lake with your guide ( up on your request )

6.Enjoy beautiful nature at Kushiro marshland national park

7.Watch Japanese red crowned cranes regarded as natural treasure in Japan

8.Enjoy beautiful views of crater lakes

9.Try local food at Kitami city, they are famous for grilled meats in Hokkaido

10. Visit local Sake brewery and try some samples

Tour Inclusions:

・Guide fee

・Hotel pick-up

Tour Exclusions:

・Transportation fee ( you and your guide )

・Accommodation fee ( you and your guide )

・Admission fee ( you and your guide )

・Private car fee ( basically around 45,000 JPY per a day )

# Fuel highway tolls are not included.

・Parking fee

・Lunch ( you and your guide )

・Dinner( you and your guide )

Lake Akan
Lake Mashu
Ainu village at Lake Akan
Kushiro marshland
Otokoyama Sake brewery in Asahikawa