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Dormy Inn Asahikawa

I stayed economy, but enjoyable hotel at Asahikawa.

The hotel is dormy inn Asahikawa. It is less than 10 min from JR Asahikawa station on foot.

It was city hotel but clean and they have hot springs as well.

Asahikawa dormy inn

This was my room.  Everything was well prepared and it was so comfortable. Asahikawa dormy inn There were minimum required amenities so if you are too busy to prepare for your travel this hotel is O.K for you. Asahikawa dormy inn On the top floor of the hotel there is a open-air hot springs! 

I enjoyed hot springs with cold air with snow of central Hokkaido. Asahikawa dormy inn After enjoying hot springs I came back to the robby to enjoy Yonaki-soba, midnight ramen noodle service for free of charge!

It opens from 21:30 so I waited at lobby with free coffee service. Asahikawa dormy inn Asahikawa dormy inn Lobby is clean and sofisticated design so I could relax.

Oops, I almost forgot to finish my office work but I remembered. 

This hotel has computers and we can use for free.  Thanks to this service I could finish my office work. Asahikawa dormy inn I surely recommend this hotel if you are trying low-cost but comfortable travel in Japan.

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