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By: katikati10jp | April 08, 2018

I visited Nanporo hot spring resort in Ebetsu city.

Nanporo is part of Ebetsu city and Ebetsu is just next to Sapporo, capital of Hokkaido.

It takes 30 min. from Sapporo to Ebetsu by local JR ( Japan rail ) train.

You can easily access to Ebetsu from Sapporo but Nanporo hot spring resort is bit difficult to arrive at. 

If you'd like  to go there by public transportation you need to take subway or JR train and get to Shin-Sapporo station at first. 

Then, transfer to the local bus「Yutetsu-bus to Nanporo. Kuriyama (夕鉄バス・南幌・栗山方面)」 and drop off at 「Nanporo Onsen-mae(南幌温泉前)」

It is difficult for foreigners to find correct transportation and get there but it worth a visit!

Today, I introduce how great they are. 



1. Useful facilities

At first, Onsen( hot spring )  facilities are so clean and  useful even they are located at rural area of Ebetsu city. 

Facilities include 2 hot springs areas, one restaurant, two free spaces where you can relax and rest, many vending machines, and outside BBQ area, huge park golf fields outside and even Japanese style inn( hotel ) is connected. 

If you pay only 650 JPY you can enjoy hot springs again and again whole day and they allow visitors bring any food by themselves so you can prepare for your drinks, food as you like. 

If you'd like to stay overnight it will cost less than 10,000 JPY per person but it depends on the day and season. 


2. Local specialties

Nanporo has large area of vegetable and paddy fields but no shops, restaurants and skyscrapers! 

However, Nanporo has a nice hot spring resort!

People living around Ebetsu area visit there to enjoy hot springs, eating local specialties. 



I told a lie. 

There was a skyscraper!  This is skyscraper of cabbage tempura. 

When you visit Nanporo hot spring resort eating cabbage tempura is must. 

This is cabbage tendon, literally cabbage tempura rice bowl. 

Nanporo is famous for its cabbage cultivation and they are proud of their fresh cabbage. 

They also prepare for cabbage Kimchi( famous Korean spicy pickled vegetables) 

Traditional Kimchi in Korea is basically pickled by Chinese cabbage but at Nanporo they use normal cabbage. 

Their another local specialty is cabbage Kimchi ramen noodles. 

They are voluminous and just Yum!


3. High quality hot springs

At Nanporo hot spring resort, you can enjoy chloride springs,a radon spring, sauna and daily Spa.

It is not possible to be fed up with bathing only once. 

You should be likely to visit hot spring again and again!


In Japan we have many hot spring resort thanks to a lot of active volcanoes and there are many kind of component of hot springs such as chloride, ions, sulfer, carbon dioxide and so on. 

Soaking in the hot springs are good at neuralgia, arthralgia, chronic diseases, skin deseases, women's deseases etc.. 

My best is open air hot springs. 

You can fully enjoy hot springs and clean air outside! 



There are two area of hot springs and there are connected by foot pass. 


From one to the other it takes 3 min. to walk. 

There is a big wooden bath between two hot spring areas. 


The distance is 56 m from one to the other. 

In winter time it is little bit hard but if you enjoy bathing into hot springs for a while. 

It is OK. 

Walking distance will be just the way chilling you down. 


Utase-yu, literally, stream of hot spring water cascading onto one's back is nice to try. 

Until you are get used to it hurts a little. 


Nanporo is so relaxing place. 

I do recommend you to visit there. 

Why don't you join my tour and custom your own private tour?

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