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By: katikati10jp | May 13, 2018

Sounkyo is one of the most famous hot spring resorts in Hokkaido and the place is located in the middle of Sounkyo gorge. Sounkyo is the part of Taisetsuzan (大雪山)national park and along the gorge you can see beautiful column jointed structure, big waterfalls and so on. 

Sounkyo is the earliest place to see beautiful autumn leaves in Japan and this means. in other words Sounkyo is the coldest place in Japan in September. 

During winter season it is just cold, no bloody cold. 

The Hyoubaku festival is held in mid. January to late March at Sounkyo Hot spring resort. 

People build up bone trees then just keep spraying water to bones. 

Ice dungeons are formed due to coldness of Sounkyo gorge. 

This is panoramic view of Sounkyo Hyobaku festival from the top of ice dungeons in 2018. 

The festival has different theme every year and 2018 is " Symbolic historical buildings in Hokkaido"

You can see former Hokkaido government office building, Sapporo clock tower, ice shrine and so on. 

This is inside dungeon. Please watch your steps! 

Hyoubaku shrine

This is inside shrine. 

 Basically, we offer money to offertory box but we put money to ice pillars instead at the shrine made of ice. 

Ice theater 

It was better staying inside than staying outside. 

The movie focused on ice climbing....

Everything was related with coldness... 

There was a small shop. 

Let's get inside because it's cold. 

Thanks, God! 

I was not brave enough to try local cold beer even it was warm inside. 

I tried next dungeon.  This should have been shape of Sapporo clock tower. 

Lucky inviting cat was waiting for us inside the dungeon! 

Only we had to do was just keep going....


I am stuck in the ice dungeon!  Please help!

I became a king of ice kingdom! 

Can you guess what this is for? 

This is ice bar!  It was unfortunately closed this time. 

How about enjoying Japanese Sake inside ice bar ? 

I found WC. 

Oh, someone is carrying sled.  Let's follow her. 

There was snow playing field. 

I did not try this time. 

It was so cold but I felt beauty of ice pillars and dungeons at the same time. 

This is worth a visit. 

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