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By: katikati10jp | April 29, 2017

Ramen noodle at Hi-fan restaurant is local B-class gourmet in Kushiro, eastern part of Hokkaido. 

There are many types of ramen noodles in Japan such as soy sauce based, miso based, salt based and pork bone based. 

Traditional Kushiro ramen noodle is soy sauce based rich fish both soup with thin wrinkled noodle. 

However ramen of Hi-Fan restaurant is different. 

This is 霧色ラーメン ( Kiri-Iro ramen ) literally, color of fog ramen. 

It is said that Kushiro city is known as city of fog. 

The city is covered with fog at least 50 % of a year.

This ramen express the fog town by its color of white pig bone soup. 

Actually, pork bone soup ramen is originally from Kyushu, southern island of Japan but you can enjoy even in Kush...

By: katikati10jp | April 28, 2017

Hokkaido is rich for seaweeds. 

Seaweeds contain not only lots of minerals and nutrition but also they are healthy and good for preventing diseases. 

We have been culture of seaweed and used them since long time ago as base of broth, food and sometimes medicines. 

There are many kinds of seaweed and we know how to fully use them. 

I will introduce some of Hokkaido seaweeds today. 

昆布( Konbu ) 

Hokkaido is well known for its high quality seaweed.

Especially, 昆布( Konbu ) seaweed such brand as 利尻( Rishiri ) 、羅臼( Rausu )、真昆布( Ma-konbu )、日高( Hidaka ) are super famous all over Japan. 

Many chefs at Michelin-stared restaurants even use Hokkaido conbu because of its rich flavor. 

Dried Konbu seaweed is good ...

By: katikati10jp | April 11, 2017

This restaurant is located at Biei town and owned by JA 美瑛 BIEI (Japan Agricultural Cooperatives ) .

This restaurant was selected as one Michelin starred restaurant in 2012. 

I visited this nice restaurant with my precious guests. 

At first, interiror design is so modern and We can feel the restaurant is surrounded full of nature. 

Our lunch started from starter, Pan con tomate, grated Daikon radish, fresh tomatoes on backed breads.

Breads are on various kinds of beans harvested in 美瑛 ( Biei ) .

Then, bread backed with fresh potatoes are served. 

I was so surprised when this salad was served. 

The plate of vegetables are just beautiful. 

Chef said he uses different 20 kinds of vegetables only harvested in Biei....

By: katikati10jp | April 09, 2017

I will introduce you one of the unique ramen restaurant in Sapporo.

There are so many schools offering their unique ramen noodles in Japan such as 醤油系 Shoyu-kei ( soy sauce flavored soup school, 味噌系 Miso-kei ( Miso flavored soup school), 豚骨系 Tonkotsu-kei (pork bone soup school) , 塩系 Shio-kei, ( salt flavor based soup school), 家系 Ie-kei ( pork bone and chicken bone mixed soup ) and 二郎系 Jiro-kei ( somewhat unique and new type of heavy fat ramen ) and so on.

二郎系 Jiro-kei is tonkotsu broth with shoyu added, but the broth is more like a thinner (but very rich) pork gravy and in most branches it has a large amount of suspended 脂 Abura ( fat ). 

The noodles are typically very thick and chewy and the pork is a very rough cut, usually from t...

By: katikati10jp | April 09, 2017

つぶ焼き Tsubu-yaki, grilled whelks are often seen at summer festivals in Hokkadio.

Whelk is a common name that is applied to various kinds of sea snail.

In Japan, whelks are frequently used in Sashimi and Sushi or BBQ. 

They are delicious. 

When we bite them we feel flavor of sea and enjoy the texture. 

They are chewy. 

You can enjoy Tsubu-yaki anywhere in Hokkaido but I will introduced Tsubu-yaki culture in Kushiro city, where grilled whelks are deeply embeded in the lives of local people.