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ドーミーイン網走(Dormy inn Abashiri )

Abashiri is the place to see grass wort at lake Notoro in autumn, drift ice in winter and Abashiri Prison Museum,world famous prison museum in Japan. 

Staying at Dormy inn Abashiri is good in the case that you are economic traveler because this hotel is so cheap to stay and also they offer great services. 

After check in,I visited public hot spring space on the top floor of the hotel at first. 

Actually, hot springs are bit small but it was still OK they are enough to be relaxed and feel hot spring resort!

I love open-air hot spring. 

This is too good to take a tired from me! 

Please look at this view!

I could slightly see drift ice floating on sea of Okhotsk far away. 

There is a rest area on the same floor. 

You can relax after bathing. 

After bathing Japanese people prefer to drink up bottle of milk. 

This is a vending machine of milks. 

There are normal bottles of milk and coffee flavored milks. 

Why don't you try coffee flaver? 

They are better than they sound. 

However, I prefer drinking beer instead this time. 

I drank beers a lot then, I got hungry. 

There were special service in this hotel. 

They offer free ramen noodles at their restaurant. 

They call it Yonaki-soba service.

Yonaki-soba literally means crying at night soba noodles. 

Yonaki-soba is tradional Japanese custom to call Soba noodle delivery service during midnight in Samurai period. 

Yonaki, crying at night used to mean Yotaka, ladies working at night for men. 

Letters of Yotaka changed to Yonaki passing through genaration to genaration. 

Then, nuance of meaning Nonaki, crying at night changed  Yonaki,( Yonari ) ringing at night because delivery people rang their bells to let ladies know Soba noodles were coming close to them. 

You can get small portion of ramen noodel at dormy inn from 21:30 to 23:00. 

I went restaurant with my son and we got two portions. 

Amaizingly, my son went back to restaurant after our visit and he got another portion of ramen! 

Next morning I enjoyed Asa-buro, literally morning soaking. 

I woke up early in the morning around 4 A.M and went to public bath space. 

Open-air hot spring with apple aloma and view of sunrise from sea of Okhotsk are fantastic! 

After soaking at public hot springs, I got hungry and visited restaurant with my family. 

Break fast at Dormy in was great. 

There were varieties of dishes such as traditional Japanese and some western foods. 

The point I wanted to mention was fresh sea food grills!

Look at these!

Grilled scallops were amazing!

I couldn't stop eating!

There were also other varieties of traditional Japanese dished. 

Thery were served by small portions so I enjoyed many kinds!


There were also Oden, Japanese traditional hot pot dishes!

I enjoyed a lot staying at Abashiri Dormy inn. 

Dormy inn Abashiri