Japan Hokkaido private tour
Licensed Tour Guide take you to the last frontier of Japan!!

Breathe deeply and feel relaxed.

Enjoy scent of happiness in the nature on Hokkaido islands!


fully Licensed by Japanese Government; Registration Number EN04450

Work experience


Worked at travel company specializing overseas travel and sold package tour to foreign countries and went more than 60 counties as a tour guide.

2013~2016 Resigned travel agency and started new career as a English teacher at high school.

2016~2017 Working as a English speaking guide in Tokyo.

2017~   Working as a manager at temporary employment company and in charge of training and assigning foreign language speaking guides to tours and also working as a guide.

Message to my future clients

Having been working as a tour guide, I could have great experience and get a lot of knowledge about foreign countries.

These Intellectual properties all came from very excellent guides all over the world.

I would like to be a guide like those fantastic ones.

I was always treated with kind consideration in foreign countries by guides and drivers.

I would like to help foreign people enjoy their stay in Japan in turn.

I'd like to contribute to the mutual understanding and friendship between Japan and foreign countries.

I would love tourists, to enjoy our safe, clean and well organized Society.

You will see the world renowned gracious hospitality of the Japanese people.

As a representative of Japan, I will do my best and I hope you can get all of the information that you may need about Japan through my service.


Beautiful Hokkaido movies

Hokkaido is  the best place for relaxing throughout a year. 
You can see beautiful nature, life of wild animals, play nature sports, enjoy a lot of hot springs and delicious food. 
 Trees begin to be covered in fresh green and cherry blossoms bloom so beautifully from at the beginning of May to middle of May. ( If you go to eastern part term will be later. ) 
It is the season for outdoor activities, you can enjoy hiking, canoeing, camping, cycling, swimming and so also you can see beautiful flower garden in central Hokkaido. 
 A lot of delicious food such as seafood, vegetables are in season.  Also, you can enjoy viewing the beautifully changing colors of autumnal leaves in Mountain.
You can enjoy skiing and snow boarding in ski resorts such as Niseko, Tomamu and Furano. Especially Niseko is regarded as the best for its powder snow in Japan!  

Here is a  digest moves and my photos of Hokkaido. 
I am sure you become interested in Hokkaido !

  Price chart 

I will guide you based on the price chart below as a basis.

Please refer to following price chart and also URL below.

Japan Hokkaido Private Tour


I will work for you as a tour planner and tour escort as well.  I have a licence of domestic and overseas itinerary management chief and I am well experienced of tours in and out of Japan. 

I can plan your tour and attend you and help your stay in all over Japan as a tour planner and English interpreter as well. 

Working as.. 

 Tour fare 4 hours

 (per gourp)

 Tour fare 12 hours

(per group)

① English speaking guide 

15,000 yen

 25,000 yen

② English speaking guide and driver

 20,000 yen

+ rental car fee

 30,000 yen

+rental car fee

 Tour coordinator and attendant

 2,0000 yen

 20,000 yen

① If I work as an English speaking guide my fee is..
25,000 JPY ( around 235 USD ) per a day  # 12 hours 

② If I work as an English speaking guide and driver my fee is..
30,000 JPY ( around 280 USD ) per a day  # 12 hours 
# This is the case that you use rental car and I drive. 

③ If I work as a interpreter, tour planner, tour escort and itinerary control manager any area of Japan my fee is.. 
20,000 JPY ( around 190 USD ) per a day  # 12 hours 
# This is the case that you also pay me my transportation fees from Sapporo to Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya or other airport. ( Ticket will be around 20,000 JPY for return ticket ) with other my expenses during your tour. 

1 USD = 109 JPY ( As of May 2018)

 Excluded: Public transportation fare, Lunch, Admisson fee)

             Tour plans    

Tours are conducted using public transportation such as subway, train and bus.

When you go out of Sapporo area you need to use rental car or hire private car. 

According to your interests, I will arrange tourist attractions in whole area of Hokkaido and out of Hokkaido. 

Here are some examples as follows. 

Sapporo city

Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium / Hokkaido Shrine / Nijo Market / Odori Park / Clock Tower / Former Hokkaido Government Office / Susukino Izakaya strolling

Otaru city

The herring palace / canal area / Otaru wall district Sakaimachi district / Glass factory / Music box museum

Kushiro city
Nusamai bridge / Washo fish market / Fisherman's Wharf (MOO) / Kushiro marshland observation points, Wooden Path Walk / Tanchozuru (Japanese Crane) Natural Park 

Kushiro Suburbs

Lake Akan ( including  Sightseeing Steamship, Marimo (Lake Moss Ball) Exhibition and Observation Center / Ainu village, bathing at hot springs )

Lake Mashu /  Sulphur mountain / Lake Kussharo ( including sandy spa) / Kawa-yu hot springs


Ningya village, hell valley at Noboribetsu hot spring resorts / Lake Toya, Mt. New showa, Mt Usu, bear park at Abuta district / Foot bath / open air hot springs / fruit picking at Jozankei hot spirng resorts / 

      Terms and Conditions

Travel insurance and exemption

Taking out travel insurance is highly recommended before you come to Japan. 

I can't be liable for any damages during your tour, which may arise from causes beyond my control. 

Thank you very much for your understanding.

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 Any questions about Japan will be acceptable !   Please, don't hesitate to contact me.